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Patient Centric Roundtable webinar

Patient-centric Roundtable – A Breast Cancer Awareness Month Special

A webinar aimed at improving patient awareness, education and general well-being. A unique virtual roundtable focussed on enhancing patient-centered care through live interaction and understanding of patient needs, their journeys and experiences.
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Decoding DCIS webinar

A unique webinar covering the entire spectrum of DCIS from the most innocuous to the sinister ones with expert overview on diagnosis, pathology and management.
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BreastGlobal Conference 2021

The theme of our inaugural meeting is “crux to consensus”. Our objective is to address geographical disparities in cancer care provision through evidence-based discussions, sharing of data driven innovations in treatment and arriving at an acceptable consensus, considering local patient cohorts and infrastructure. An international faculty of key opinion leaders will moderate, present and debate data on controversial issues such as the de-escalation of interventions aimed at improving outcomes and QOL.
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A Functional MDT

To reinforce its commitment to equitable patient-centred healthcare, BreastGlobal is pleased to announce a webinar dedicated to demonstrate and reinforce the interactions of a functional MDT which is crucial to patient-centred decision making. We have put together an MDT with clinicians of international repute in the hope to showcase how a functional MDT would positively contribute to patient-centred best-practice care.