Instructions to registrants

Welcome to the registration for the BreastGlobal Conference 2021. Please read the instructions which will provide you with some house keeping announcements to make your registration seamless.

  1. Fill the form below with your information
  2. Click register after filling the form
  3. You will be redirected to a login screen where you need to input the email ID and password that you used to register in Step 1
  4. After the above steps, you will receive a Welcome email prompting you to login to the portal. This is an indication that you have been successfully registered
  5. Please note that in case you do not receive the Welcome email in your inbox, request you to check your spam/junk folder in your email
  6. Registering for the conference will automatically make you a member of the BreastGlobal platform. We will contact you with regular updates on global educational events and programs that are either hosted by or endorsed by BreastGlobal
  7. Certificates will be available to all the members that have successfully attended 3 days of the conference and have filled in the feedback form
  8. Queries can be addressed to [email protected]
Please refer to our Privacy Policy / Disclaimer and consent to share your private data.